Hackathon Event

We will be organizing Hackathon as part of International Women’s Day on 8th March 2024, in Bangalore. The theme of the event is CIRCULAR ECONOMY which gives us the opportunity to build a sustainable revenue models and value addition to the production process as well to reach the scale. The event is expected to get participation of  5000+ Marathon Run, 2000+ Students, 20+Speakers, 10+Women Entrepreneurs 30+stall for the Women farmers and small business women, concluding with announcing hackathon winners and awarding the successful women entrepreneurs.

Hackathon Event details:

Only registered students will receive the Problem statements to participate in this Hackathon event.

Students will give a solution to the problem (which they select from the problem list) as a team.

Every team will be given a chance to present their solution for the problem on the 8th March 2023 Bangalore.

The best solution will receive the Reward (Cash Price)!!!!!!

  • 1st price: Rs. 10,000/-
  • 2nd price: Rs. 6.000/-
  • 3rd price: Rs. 3,000/-


For Students who need to be Registered for hackathon:

3 member team is Rs. 150/ and 5 member team is Rs. 250/-

No Individual registrations allowed. Come participate and help us solve the problems faced by our women farmers and small business women!!!!!!

Contact Us to Register.

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