About Us

GIVE-AN is describing about Women on Run an innovative and socially impactful event that combines elements of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles, sustainability, and support for rural women in the context of circular economy business models. Here’s how you could potentially structure and promote such a marathon

  1. Event Concept.

ESG Focus: Highlight the event’s commitment to ESG principles, emphasizing environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and good governance.

Circular Economy Theme: Emphasize the circular economy aspect, promoting businesses that minimize waste and prioritize recycling and reuse.

  1. Participant Engagement.

 Urban Women Runners: Encourage urban women to participate as runners, symbolizing the connection between urban and rural communities.

Support for Rural Women: Raise awareness about the challenges faced by rural women, and showcase how the marathon aims to support them through circular economy initiatives.

  1. Charitable Component.

Fundraising for Rural Women: Allocate a portion of the event proceeds to support specific projects or businesses led by rural women, fostering economic empowerment.

 Partnerships with NGOs: Collaborate with non-profit organizations working towards rural development and women’s empowerment.

  1. Circular Economy Showcase.

Expo or Fair: Organize an expo or fair alongside the marathon featuring businesses and organizations that align with circular economy principles.

Workshops and Talks: Conduct workshops and talks on circular economy practices, sustainable living, and the role of women in promoting a circular economy.

  1. Media and Public Relations.

 Social Media Campaigns: Utilize social media platforms to create awareness, share participant stories, and promote the cause.

Press Releases: Issue press releases to local and national media outlets, emphasizing the unique aspects of the event and its positive impact.

  1. Partnerships and Sponsors.

 Corporate Sponsorship: Attract corporate sponsors with a commitment to ESG principles, circular economy practices, and women’s empowerment.

 Local Business Collaboration: Partner with local businesses that align with the event’s goals to enhance community engagement.

  1. Post-Event Impact Assessment.

 Measure Impact: Evaluate the social and economic impact of the event on rural communities and women entrepreneurs.

  Share Success Stories: Showcase success stories of businesses or projects supported by the marathon, demonstrating the tangible outcomes of the event.

  1. Legacy and Continuation:

 Establish a Legacy Fund: Create a fund to continue supporting circular economy initiatives led by women in rural areas.

 Annual Event: Consider making the marathon an annual event, building a community around sustainable practices and rural empowerment.

By combining the elements of an ESG-focused marathon, circular economy principles, and support for rural women, your event can not only promote positive change but also inspire ongoing initiatives in the realms of sustainable development and social responsibility.