Charity Bibs

To enable philanthropy, special running slots (Bibs) are reserved for NGOs participating in TCSW 10K, 2024. These unique Bibs allow registration even after general registrations close. Runners can obtain them directly from the NGOs to support their causes. TCSW10K attracts numerous participants but has limited slots, availing of Charity Bibs is the only option for runners especially when general registrations fill up quickly. There is a minimum donation amount per race category to ensure fairness among NGOs. NGOs can request higher amounts from donors. Runners with Charity Bibs proudly display the NGO’s name on their running bibs, demonstrating their support for the cause.

  • The charity bibs are issued on a first come first serve basis to the NGOs. The NGOs can ask for more bibs till the charity bibs are available with the organisers.
  • The NGOs will have to pay a flat fee of INR 500/- to aidbees for every bib they block for the runners (non refundable)
  • The amount charged by the NGOs for a charity bib will go directly to the NGO, The NGO will have to inform aidbees via email of the donation received. After the email confirmation is done, Only then will aidbees release the URL and code for the runner to proceed with registering themselves for the race.
  • The NGOs should sell the bibs for not less than the amount arrived upon by the Philanthropy Partner. The NGOs can decide the cost of the bibs but it should be equal or more to what aidbees has suggested.