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Companies can choose to field corporate teams of following sizes and make respective upfront (non-refundable) contributions in favour of chosen NGO.

Non-refundable contribution No. of employees a company can field
Team 10 INR 1,50,000 Upto 10 employees
Team 20 INR 2,50,000 Upto 20 employees
Team 30 INR 3,50,000 Upto 30 employees
Team 50 INR 5,50,000 Upto 50 employees

Please Note,

– If a corporate wants to increase the team size apart from the above mentioned categories, it can add a maximum of 5 members to the team and have to pay an upfront contribution of INR 10,000 for each member added to the team.

– NGOs supported by companies and fielding Corporate Teams, are required to pay to aidbees an amount of 10% +(GST) of the upfront contribution, as service charge.

The amounts mentioned above do not include the event run registration fees for individual team members. These need to be paid additionally, depending upon the race category chosen by individual team members, to the event promoter (via cheque/ DD/ Bank Transfer) in favor of ‘Procam International Pvt. Ltd.’. The applicable run registration fees must be paid to Procam on or before Wednesday, 5th April 2024 and it will be over and above the service charges retained by aidbees.